Karolina Kurkova Wore a Machine Gun-Print Dress, Everyone Freaked Out


Over the weekend, Karolina Kurkova went for a leisurely stroll around New York City's Tribeca neighborhood, wearing a lightweight spring shift printed with assault weapons. Maybe not the most sensitive choice of attire, considering the events of this past week.


Of course, the intenet freaked out. So the dress's designer, Nili Lotan, spoke to the Daily News to clear things up, explaining the design "was against war [in light of Israeli-Lebanese conflict specifically] and not anything to do with the personal use of guns." Lotan made the piece back in 2006, but she would never repeat the print today, because "it would provoke the wrong impression."

And Karolina Kurkova posted a similar statement on her Facebook page.

Of course, the confusion is understandable. It's not immediately clear that a dress printed with machine guns would be anti-violence. And Karolina's Facebook friends told her as much.

 Like this person:
And this person, too:

But, this being the internet, rather than falling into clear "pro machine gun dress" or "anti machine gun dress" camps, most of the comments were completetly nonsensical.

Like this one:

And this one:
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