Gossip Girl's Big Reveal + A Mini Roundup of the Internet's Most Emotional Recaps

(Bauer Griffin)

On last night's Gossip Girl series finale, we said goodbye to our favorite Upper East Siders, and finally learned the identity of the title character. It's...

(The CW)

Lisa Loeb! No, just kidding. But weirdly, she did make a cameo on the final episode.

Gossip Girl is actually Dan Humphrey. Womp womp.

Were you guys surprised? I was, but, then again, I haven't really watched the show since Season 2. And Penn Badgley sounds nothing like Kristen Bell. 

Are you a terrible Gossip Girl fan as well? Did you even watch the last episode? The whole thing is streaming on cwtv.com right now, you know. Apparently, the finale's two weddings—Chuck and Blair's and Serena and Dan's—were pretty emotional. Just look at some of the recaps from our favorite, normally-super-jaded, TV reviewers. 

From New York Magazine
"It was an emotional, heartwarming, finish to a show that has managed to tug at our heartstrings over the past six years, even as it has stretched the boudaries of acceptable plotting and accessorizing." 

From Television Without Pity
"It's so much better—farther, bigger, stronger, wiser, more loving—than I think any of us could have expected. They turned the mother out with twists I certainly never saw coming and with a compassion and wisdom of spirit that...I honestly find a little inspiring." 

Tell us, did you catch the finale? And were you as moved as these guys? 

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