Kate Middleton - Pregnant Bikini-Wearing Kate Middleton Photos Surface in Italian Magazine

(Bauer Griffin) Kate Middleton seems puzzled by something.

Oh, Kate Middleton, Kate Middleton, Kate Middleton. If there's one thing that you and your newfound royal relatives seem to completely fail to grasp it's this: You are really famous. Ergo, if you go outside with not a lot of clothes on (or, you know, naked with no clothes on and smoking—like you did a couple of months ago), someone, somewhere will find a way to take a photograph of you and get it published. And it's not because they're dicks, or they're mean, or they're maliciously trying to breach your privacy—it's because this is earth and this curiosity about famous people is what keeps media going. On earth. Welcome to earth.

The latest issue of Italian magazine Chi has printed photos of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and hubby Prince William cavorting on a beach in Mustique. The photos have not been published in the UK and the royal family is verrrrrry upset that the Italian tabloid has decided to print them—which, whatever, there's not even boob in the photos, so compared to the previous vacation snaps, these are far tamer.

The cute part of the snaps—which have been published now not only in Chi but now, also splayed all over the internet on Gawker, ONTD, and even Youtube—is that they were taken on a recent holiday after the pregnancy announcement. 

So yes, these are the first photos of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton's naked pregnant belly! Can you see her little bump?
[via ONTD]

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