Did Kate Middleton Get Bangs? Or Just an Overenthusiastic Trim?

(Bauer Griffin; Getty)

Just when you thought Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was out of surprises—topless photos and cigarette smoking aside—she goes and cuts her hair!

Yes, that's right, the Duchess appeared at the new Treasures gallery at the Natural History Museum in London yesterday sporting a brand-new hairstyle—but don't worry, she didn't chop off all of her famously shiny hair. She got bangs!

Here's a photograph snapped yesterday:

(Bauer Griffin)

And here she is today, with the curls slightly toned down:

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Make An Official Visit To Cambridge
(Getty Images)

Here's what we want to know—what do you think of her new look? We're thinking: it doesn't actually look that different than her previous haircut. It's almost like she just got an overenthusiastic trim, right? Either way, we're not sure how we feel about this new hairstyle all curled up—waved and set, the haircut makes her look like she's a refugee from the 1970s, and not really in the best way.

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