Pregnant Kim Kardashian Flashes Her Butt in a Sheer Dress While Out With Kanye West

(PacificCoastNews) Kim Kardashian out and about with Kanye West in New York

Sometimes, just sometimes, we feel a little bad for Kim Kardashian. She seems to put so much pressure on herself to look sexy and attractive all the time. Can you imagine what it must be like to spend so much of your time and energy trying to dress, preen, and groom yourself to appear desirable to men 24/7? It must be exhausting and frustrating. Not to mention incredibly warping and both emotionally and psychologically destructive.

And then we look at pictures like these, below, and we don't feel very sorry for her anymore.

Kim Kardashian and babydaddy Kanye West were spotted together—for the first time in ages, it seems—out and about in New York City. Despite the reality star being well into her pregnancy, reports claim that the couple have spent less than three weeks together throughout.

When they did finally reunite Stateside this week, we're guessing Kim wanted to make sure she looked, um, sexy... so she wore a sheer dress. Pregnant lady in a sheer dress. Yup.

(PacificCoastNews) Kim Kardashian goes out in a sheer dress, flashing her butt.

Oh, and pregnant lady's butt in a sheer dress:

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