Ke$ha's Billboard Music Awards Look Was So Demure—Just Kidding! Hello, Side-Butt!

(Getty Images) Ke$ha flashes some derriere on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards

Just when we thought she was cleaning up her look! Ke$ha appeared on the red (blue) carpet at last night's 2013 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas wearing a high-neck ruffled little black dress by Riccardo Tisci over at Givenchy. Her hair was pulled back into a low ponytail and she looked clean, polished, and grown-up—with hardly any makeup and only a handful of subtle accessories. So different from the Ke$ha of yesteryear!

But then she turned to the side.

Guess we shouldn't expect a reformed fashion bad-girl to give up her shock-tactic ways that easily. Ke$ha's Givenchy mini-dress featured a slit—all the way up, past her hips, to her waist! One wrong move and—bam! Butt out.

Take a closer look at the wardrobe-malfunction-waiting-to-happen, right here:

The front:

The side:

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