Jennifer Aniston's Hair Gets Even Blonder! Check out More Photos Inside.

A Blonde Jennifer Aniston Is Escorted To Set A curly blonde haired Jennifer Aniston gets escorted by a body guard to the film set of 'Untitled Elmore Leonard Project' in Stamford, CT on February 12, 2013. Jennifer celebrated her 44th birthday yesterday. (Source: FameFlynet Pictures)
Jennifer Aniston's blonde hair is now blonder. (FameFlynet Pictures)
Remember when Friends star Jennifer Aniston had one of the most-copied and most iconic hairstyles of the late-1990s—the "Rachel"? The long, layered, voluminous angled bob graced thousands of weekly and monthly magazine covers and spawned hundreds of copycats—not to mention millions of women visiting their local salons with a tear-out of Aniston's hairstyle clutched in their hands.

Jennifer Aniston still has great hair—though her latest look is much more modern and much sleeker than her mid-90s persona. Earlier today, photographers spotted her out and about in Stamford, CT, on the way to the set of the "Untitled Elmore Leonard Project." And guess what? Her hair color was noticeably blonder for the role—a rich butter-blonde, also reminiscent of the the mid-90s, in sort of a Carolyn Bessette Kennedy way—that iconic patrician Brad Johns blonde that everyon coveted 20 years ago.

What do you think of Jennifer Aniston's newest hair color? The actress just celebrated her 44th birthday yesterday. Do you think the haircolor suits her? Sound off below.
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