A 'Gilmore Girls' Wedding Gown Retrospective—Which Dress Should Alexis Bledel Wear?

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Today, fittingly on National Proposal Day, Us broke the news that Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser are (surprise!) engaged. And (double surprise!) they've actually been so for the past few weeks.

Now, technically speaking in today's TV-land vernacular, the couple co-stars together on Mad Men, but any kid who came of social consciousness — read: was a teen, a helpless romantic, and quite possibly, a book worm — in the new millennium, can only comprehend this momentous occasion one way...

At long last, after watching countless friends (especially her on-again-off-again ex, Dean!) tie the knot and after graciously declining a proposal of her own from Logan — arguably one of the most tear-jerking moments in Gilmore Girl history — Rory Gilmore is FINALLY getting married! (Even, alas, if it is to the creepy Pete Campbell.)

So, as a hearty congrats to Rory Bledel, we've unburied a few treasures (along with our unabashed crush on Luke) from the circa-2000 show: the best-of-the-best wedding gowns of Stars Hollow!

Let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

There's Lorelai Gilmore's strapless foral-bustier godet-paneled gown:

She never did end up marrying Luke. Sad face.

Sookie's long-sleeved, beaded ivory gown:

Aw, look at how stylish Jackson was — wearing kilts before Kanye!

Lane's Wedding Dress #1 - Conservative:

Remember Rory's rocker BFF Lane, and Lane's super-traditional mom, Mrs. Kim, who — in the shocker of the century — allowed Lane to have two ceremonies? This was Lane's ancestor-approved dress, while...

This was her gown of personal preference:

Pink lapels for all!

Last but not least, it wouldn't be a Stars Hollow wedding if someone didn't throw some sort of strange, historical-themed shin-dig, which brings us to Liz's Renaissance-inspired gown:

Alright, you've seen them all. Tell us, which Gilmore Girls gown — if any — should Alexis Bledel consider for her big day? Weigh in with your thoughts, below!

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  • Liz's
  • None. But Pete Campbell should wear a kilt!