Helena Bonham Carter Will Play Elizabeth Taylor in New Taylor and Richard Burton Drama

(Bauer Griffin) Helena Bonham Carter and hubby Tim Burton at this year's Golden Globes

Dominic West, who will star as Richard Buton (Getty Images)
Helena Bonham Carter—one of our favorite actresses and a style star in her own right—has been tapped to play Elizabeth Taylor in a new BBC drama called Burton and Taylor. The 90 minute special, written by William Ivory (Women in Love, Bert & Dickie) will star Bonham Carter and Dominic West as the ex-lovers and will follow the couple through their 1983 revival of Private Lives.

This mini-biopic succeeds Liz & Dick, that palaver of a television drama starring Lindsay Lohan, which aired in the United States late last year to poor reviews and widespread mockery. To our knowledge, this is the first time that Helena Bonham Carter has reprised a role previously, and most recently portrayed by Lohan.

Burton and Taylor will film this year and the premiere date has not been announced.

Sometimes, amid all the wild roles that Bonham Carter plays, we lose sight of how much a style icon she really is—and how beautiful she is as well. Check out these photos of Helena Bonham Carter at a photoshoot in London earlier this week:
(All photos Bauer Griffin)

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