Hey Kanye, What's That Face Mask? Margiela?

(Courtesy of Instagram, nohablabs/ Courtesy of Instagram, dondig)

If Kanye West's New Year's resolution was to up his fashion game, then he definitely succeeded when he took the stage in Atlantic City this weekend wearing a feathered face mask that made him look like a very fancy owl.

Later in the evening her changed into Margiela's bedazzled hockey headpiece, because that's what you do when man-skirts start to feel so 2012.

Look, here's the mask on Maison Martin Margiela's couture fall 2012 runway.

(Courtesy of ImaxTree)

Kanye! You could totally take a nap and send an impersonator onstage in either of those face-obscuring getups of yours and no one would know. We won't tell, we promise.
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