Kendrick Lamar's Tour Rider Includes This One Fashion Item Demand, Guess What It Is?

(Getty Images) Kendrick Lamar performs at Roseland in New York last week

In our time, we've heard about some crazy celebrity riders—lists of stars' demands at photoshoots, on tour, at events—that include things like gallons of Fiji Water and massive spreads of turkey cold cuts to specially furnished white sofas and bowls of M&Ms... with the brown ones picked out.

Star rapper Kendrick Lamar, though, only has a handful of requests—including a supply of Fruity Pebbles, some baked chicken, and Hennessy. But there is one singular fashion item that always makes his tour rider. Guess what it is?

Polo socks.

Yup, Polo socks.

"When people ask for my rider, they think I'm crazy," he told Interview. Eh, maybe not. Polo socks are really comfortable.
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