Jennifer Lawrence's Weekend Was Full of Side-Ruffles

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Jennifer Lawrence had loads of Catching Fire functions to attend at Cannes this weekend. So, to make getting dressed easier, she stuck to a theme — side ruffles!

On Saturday, the actress attended a photocall for the latest installment of The Hunger Games trilogy in this — the most conservative of her asymmetrical ensembles.


The flounces on her macramé Dior top do go all the way around, but, since they flow to the left we're counting this as a side-ruffle look.

Then, later that day, Jennifer Lawrence took the idea a bit further at the premiere of Jimmy P. (Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian). Here's the face of Miss Dior in another outfit by the label — a color-blocked gown with a floof of fabric at the hip.


On Sunday we saw that the actress's now-signature side ruffle had grown pockets. Here she is in another, similarly-proportioned Dior gown.

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We were just about to hail Jennifer Lawrence as the side-ruffle queen, when we spotted this photo of Nieves Alvarez at Cannes.

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Consider the gauntlet thrown. Your move, Jennifer.

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