UK Prime Minister David Cameron's Wardrobe Malfunction + Men Who Aren't Afraid of Man-Cleavage

(Getty Images)

David Cameron suffered a high profile wardrobe malfunction last night, when his dress shirt popped open at the annual Lord Mayor's Banquet in London's Guildhall.

The UK Prime Minister was giving a speech on his plans to increase British exports to global markets, so maybe, like his country's economy, his chest hairs just weren't meant to be contained. Or it's possible that he overdid it during the event's three course dinner. Whatever the case, Cameron quickly fastened up his pearl studs when he noticed the flurry of photographers snapping away at his exposed midsection. 

While the Daily Express notes that David Cameron was "red-faced" over the gaping hole in his top, he really has nothing to be embarrassed about. As Tom Ford and Ed Westwick, Patron Saints of Man Cleavage know, there's nothing like feeling a cool breeze on your bare torso. 

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