What Do Justin Bieber and Catholic Schoolgirls Have in Common?


No, the angel wings have nothing to do with it. I just wanted to throw you off track with some religious imagery! Plus, just look at that photo. "Hello, welcome to heaven. We wear sunglasses here. And fingerless gloves." 

This is really about Justin Bieber's predilection for a certain kind of legwear. Yes, we're talking knee socks.

(FameFlynet Pictures)

The pop star stopped at a gas station wearing black knee-highs under baggy shorts. Now, I'm sure they serve some sort of athletic purpose, even if that purpose is only to look like someone who plays sports, but don't they remind you of this?
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As anyone who has had to wear a kilt to school knows, knee socks are the most useless things ever — devised to let your thighs freeze in the winter and your calves burn in the summer. Wearing them is like doing penance for not being able to choose between socks and tights, which is probably why Catholic schools are so fond of them.

And yet, here is Biebs, forcing them into the spotlight, like drop-crotch pants before them.

(FameFlynet Pictures)

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