Guess Who's Launching a Celebrity Clothing Line? This Guy!

(ABC) Chris Harrison, the host of The Bachelor, is launching a clothing line. No, really.

Just when you thought that there were no celebrities left on earth without their own clothing lines, this guy comes along. This guy, above, is Chris Harrison, the host of ABC's reality dating competition hit show The Bachelor and, yes, he is launching a clothing line.

"I think there's a huge market there for guys like me, who aren't going to be wearing the ridiculous Ed Hardy stuff—we're too old for that garbage—but at the same time, we don't want to look like a slouch," he told People magazine. "I like dressing up, but at the same time, I want to go pick up my kids from school and not look like a goofball."

By any chance, Chris, have you heard of Ralph Lauren? Or J. Crew? Or Gant? Or any of the countless other men's brands that, you know, aren't Ed Hardy?

We're super-curious what a Chris Harrison clothing like will look like, but if his outfits on The Bachelor are anything to go by... well. Let's just say: silver skinny-ties for everybody!
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