Confirmed: The (Ex) Pope's Shoes Are Not Prada, Are Still Fancy

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Yesterday, CNN's Christiane Amanpour confirmed something that other news outlets have been reporting all along, but which we chose to ignore because the alternative is so much more entertaining — the artist formerly known as Pope Benedict XVI's famous red loafers are not, in fact, Prada.

"They are red shoes given to him because Constantine gave him the privileges of being an emperor and he allowed him to wear red shoes and a red cape," New York's Monsignor Kevin Irwin told Amanpour. "But frankly the Papal shoemaker is up the block. And it’s not Prada. So the devil may have worn Prada but not this Pope."

Sadface! But, since he is was the Pope and all, his shoes are still pretty fancy. According to Reuters, his flamboyant footwear is custom made by Peruvian cobbler Antonio Arellano. "He wears out the toe when he prays, so I repair them," Arellano said. "I feel happy when I see my name that I have put there — wow, he really walks a lot — that's my satisfaction."

Let's take one more look at those bad boys. 

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Between the red loafers and Pope Benedict XVI's knuckle-grazing Papal ring...

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It's clear the man loves his accessories. 

We hope the next pope brings just as much flash to the Vatican!
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