No One Would Lend Kim Kardashian Clothes For Her 'Elle' Shoot—Sad Face!

Kim Kardashian Instagrammed photos of her wearing only a bra at a photoshoot earlier today.

Poor, poor Kim Kardashian! For the March issue of Elle magazine, Kim Kardashian was styled by Lady Gaga's stylist and Thierry Mugler Creative Director Nicola Formichetti—but no one would lend them clothes! Sad face! It's just like when those bitches in Pretty Woman wouldn't let prostitute Julia Roberts shop on Rodeo Drive... right?

Anyway, today Kim Instagrammed a bunch of photos of herself at another photoshoot—wearing only a bra and a leather skirt. Check 'em out here—and a video behind-the-scenes at the Elle shoot, below! What do you do when no one will lend you clothes for a photoshoot? Isn't the suspense killing you? Assuage your anxiety with photos of Kim Kardashian's cleavage:

(Photos from Kim Kardashian's Instagram)

And here's the Elle video:

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