The Crazy Sweater Club (Mindy Kaling is a Member)

(Source: Mike Windle/Getty Images North America)We’ve professed our love for many a stylish celeb, but can we admit that Mindy Kaling may take the cake? The hilarious and super smart actress has absolutely no fear taking on color, prints and even some jeweled embellishments. We’re apt to follow the leading lady’s lead, so when she throws on an insane top, we may follow suit. Here, five wild sweaters that Mindy would approve of. 
(Source: Mango)Mango Contrast Trimming Printed Sweater Jackson Pollock would be proud: Black splatters against a while background can make us look like one of those cool gallery girls. Bonus: The cobalt blue piping is a special little detail that breaks up the two-toned number. 

(Source: Target)Merona Women’s Printed Crewneck Sweater An impromptu geometry lesson is always in style: The tessellation patterns make for a dizzying show, but is tempered by the preppy burgundy and navy colorway.

(Source: StyleBop) Just Cavalli Printed Pullover When dreary skies need a little bit of sunshine, sidle into this pastel confection. Mint, lemon, and psychedelic parrots will undoubtedly put a smile on your face.
(Source: J.Crew)J.Crew Collection Cashmere Stained Glass Sweater Wonderfully bright shapes configured in a way that makes triangles seem like the next big thing.

(Source: Tory Burch)Tory Burch Wren Sweater Jeweled bugs laid out in an explosive kaleidoscopic pattern – ‘nuff said.