Who Wore Leather Harem Pants Better: Beyonce vs. Kim Kardashian

(Photo via Tumblr; Bauer Griffin)

Remember waaaay back to last summer (to the good ol' days pre-KimYe baby freakouts) when Kim Kardashian wore those baggy leather harem pants? With Kanye's beaded Giuseppe Zanotti shoes? And we were all like, "OMG, what is Kim wearing?"

Well, maybe Beyonce randomly was inspired by the duds, or maybe it's some sort of strange mom-to-mom tribute thing, but Honey B decided to debut some of her own slouchy, shiny trousers.

Check out the newest batch of "blogger" pics she just added to her official Tumblr. There's this too-tough-to-smile shot:

This Michael Jackson-eqsue (or dare we say, Justin Bieber) crotch-grab pose:

And this silly face + yogi stance (Okay, how cute is she?):

Really, though, there's no denying her outfit looks totally swiped from Kim K's kloset, no?

Kim Kardashian Flies Out of LA
Tell us, which style star rocked her baggy bottoms better—the queen of pop or the face of reality TV? Or did both ladies make a major fashion faux pas with this look? C'mon, we're talking leather harem pants here, you guys.

Cast your in our poll, and weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section, below!

Poll: Who wore leather harem pants better—Beyonce or Kim Kardashian?
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  • Beyonce! Nobody can outdress B.
  • Kim K! There's nothing like the original.
  • Neither! Justin Bieber trumps all!