Kanye West Wore a Skirt Last Night, People Kinda Lost It

(Courtesy of Getty Images) 

At last night's 12-12-12 benefit concert at Madison Square Garden, Kanye West took the stage in a leather Givenchy skirt and matching leggings. Despite the fact that he's worn similar outfits before, people freaked out

In an Instagram post that's since been taken down, Cam'ron, who frequently wears pink fur, wrote "Pyrex [hoodie] and a skirt? Shit ain't adding up." 

And, predictably, the kilt inspired its own parody Twitter account, @KanyesSkirt. Sample tweet: 

Jared Leto, who is no stranger to womenswear, weighed in. 

 And, of course, Kim Kardashian was a fan of the style. 

Look, she wore a leather skirt yesterday, too!

(Courtesy of PacificCoastNews.com) 

Tell us, what do you think of skirtgate? Were you genuinely shocked by Kanye's skirt-over-pants getup? Or were you like, "Meh, call me when he wears a peplum." 

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