Found: Kerry Washington's Stunning Strapless Gown (From Scandal)

(Credit: ABC, Courtesy of PR)

Anyone who watches Scandal religiously knows just how stylish Kerry Washington's character Olivia Pope is. Many people tend to marvel over her sharp outerwear and ultra-chic pant suits, but last night (in episode 305 entitled More Cattle, Less Bull), all eyes were focused on the amazing architectural-inspired black and white gown Liv wore for the White House Correspondents' Dinner scene.

Wondering where it's from? Turns out, her fabuous floor-length frock was designed by none other than New York-based designer Rubin Singer. (He's responsible for that lacy leather bodysuit Miss Beyonce wore to perform at the Super Bowl earlier this year.) Lyn Paolo, costume designer for Scandal, randomly found the dress on the rack at Neiman Marcus! (Currently retailing for $3875.)

“Lyn came into my studio just to meet me and say how excited she was about the gown and how Kerry was super excited about it because they’d been looking for it for awhile,” Singer told The New York Post. “Lyn had seen the dress at Neiman’s, and she fell in love with it. It was really wonderful how it came about—it was very organic. She’s a perfect size 2; this is an evening look that fits perfectly with her character because it’s all about the precision and effortlessness that is throughout all of her wardrobe.”