IMPORTANT: This Is What the Royal Baby Will Look Like, Geneticists Say


Geneticist Jenny Chen and illustrator Nickolay Lamm teamed up on two totally arbitrary — but entertaining! — renderings of what the royal baby could look like as a 25-year-old.


While these genetic mash-up photos are always vaguely creepy, Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby might actually be pretty hot if it's a dude. (Is it weird to say that about a fetus? It is, isn't it?) He's got those pouty lips and dimples going for him — both dominant genetic features, as Chen points out. Another plus: he seems to have a full head of hair.

And, if their child is a girl, it'll look just like Pippa Middleton, British national obsession. So, win-win?

I mean, it could be so much worse.
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