Martha Stewart Bought Leather Pants - Here's Why We're Not Surprised

(Getty Images)

Yesterday, Martha Stewart tweeted this gem:
Sadly, she didn't post a dressing room snapshot ("Should I get these???? ;) Wut u guys think?! lol"), but this is a photorealistic rendering of what Martha Stewart might look like in leather pants.


I, for one, am not surprised that she's into leather. Martha Stewart is a total badass. Here's how I know this:

1. I grew up two towns away (Connecticut towns are tiny. So, like, 15 minutes away.) from Martha Stewart's home. She was our local celebrity, and seeing her was like spotting Bigfoot in the wild. Once I watched her order a fried hotdog smothered in bacon and relish at Rawley's in Fairfield. While wearing a cable-knit sweater. (Cool story, Caitlin!)

2. When I was, like, 14 I was at my friend's house while her parents were having a dinner party. One of the guests was telling a story about how his friend (Or maybe his friend's friend? Obviously this story is true!), who lived next to Martha Stewart, accidentally planted some flowers on Martha's side of the property line. Martha asked her to remove them. She refused. So, two weeks later, she wakes up to Martha Stewart revving the engine on one of those ridable lawn mowers and running over her garden — back and forth, back and forth.

I mean, this almost definitely (?) didn't happen, but don't you just love picturing it?

3. This photo and caption, from Martha's blog.

So, imagining her doing those three HBIC things while wearing leather pants isn't really a stretch.
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