Kate Middleton Visited Hogwarts, Wore Polka Dots

(Bauer Griffin)

Kate Middleton is really living the dream. Not only is she a princess, she gets to go to Hogwarts — so, basically she's hit every major childhood fantasy, except, maybe, owning a pet dinosaur.

Today, the duchess — along with Prince William and Prince Harry — paid a visit to Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden, where the trio got to do their best Harry, Ron, and Hermione impressions on the Harry Potter set. They were even given wands. What spells do you think they're casting?

Lindsay, who knows more about Harry Potter than I do, says "Accio Food," which means "bring me food," for Kate — we just finished stuffing our faces at an Atlantic City buffet — and "Accio Girls," for Harry. Or, Lindsay adds, "maybe he is doing a memory charm so everyone will forget those naked Vegas pictures."

(Bauer Griffin)

Oh, right — the clothes! Kate is wearing a cute polka dot dress from Topshop, which has already sold out. Maybe you can try accio-ing it your way?
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