Gabourey Sidibe Talks Sexy Nun Habits and Clip-On Earrings [VIDEO]

(Getty Images)

For Harper's Bazaar's latest installment of their video series, The Look, the glossy's executive editor Laura Brown drove around L.A. in a Rolls Royce with The Big C's Gabourey Sidibe.

The pair chatted about the star's confidence ("I know I look real sexy in a nun's habit. I look hot."), he best assets ("I like to show off my boobs."), her style icon ("You know who I really try to dress like all the time? Kate Moss. We look just alike."), her go-to accessory ("I love a good clip-on."), and how she came to acquire a bedazzled vat of vaseline.

Seriously, could she be any more charming? (Chandler Bing voice)

Check out the clip, below!
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