The Style Blogger Topknot Explained—Susie Bubble Tells All!

(ImaxTree) Susie Bubble at Paris Fashion Week fall 2013

British style blogger Susie Bubble (real name: Susanna Lau) is not just a fashion pioneer, she's also an unwitting hair pioneer. Over the past couple of years, Lau's signature loose topknot—situated squarely atop the crown of her head—has been spotted everywhere, on the heads of thousands of trendy women (and lots of copycat bloggers, too).

Today, on, Lau explains the genesis of her now-ubiquitous hairdo:
Four or five years ago, on a particularly cold trip to Stockholm, I wanted to wear a huge scarf. So I tied my hair up in a high ponytail—tipping it all forward, then twisting it back onto itself to avoid having it catch in the fabric. Lo and behold, a bulbous formation sat atop my head. It wasn’t conscious or preconceived. I didn’t even know what it was called. Was it a bun? Or better yet, a chignon? (A chignon seemed fitting for a proper grown-up.) Somehow, in Stockholm it felt appropriate; local girls had been sporting knots long before mine came to be. When I got back home to London, my mum and dad wondered if it was an homage to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. If only!
And the hairstyle stuck. Lau says it's become her staple 'do for both practical and personality purposes.

"These days my topknot has become a highly functional part of my look," she says. "On windy or rainy days, it prevents eternal entanglement... when I don't have time to wash it, the style hides a multitude of sins. And it takes precisely three minutes to do. The knot also plays a role in what I wear: I have a penchant for crazy mixes of anything and everything; getting all that hair up means less risk of its clashing with a lurid floral print or a neon necklace."

Check out some more photos of Susie's topknot. Here she is at the VPL spring 2013 show in New York:

(Getty Images)

Here she is at the Theyskens' Theory spring 2013 show in New York:

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