Guess What Brand Pants Prince Harry Wears?

Guess What Brand Pants Prince Harry Wears?
(PacificCoastNews) Prince Harry visits a school in Harlem yesterday

Royalty is just like you and me—for serious. They have to put on their pants one leg at a time, too. Take Prince Harry, for example. The redhead royal is in the middle of a tour across America—and yesterday, he stopped by to visit a school in New York's Harlem neighborhood.

For his visit, Harry definitely dressed down. no suits, no ties, no jackets—just a simple button-down white shirt, a canvas belt, and some blue khakis. Want to your man to have pants like Harry's? Well, guess what, they're totally within reach.

Prince Harry of Wales wore pants from the all-American brand Dockers on his school visit yesterday. They're the Dockers "Alpha" Khaki in "Navy Mission Wash" and you can snag them for under-$100 on the Dockers website.

"Alpha" Khaki in "Navy Mission Wash," $98 at
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