Who Was the Best Dressed Celebrity This Week? Vote Here!

(Getty Images; Bauer Griffin) L-R: Olivia Palermo, Rachel Weisz, Coco Rocha, Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis

In this week's battle of the best-dressed, we have Olivia Palermo at the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week, Rachel Weisz at the European premiere of Oz, Coco Rocha launching the Banana Republic Mad Men collection, Michelle Williams on the yellow brick road, and Mila Kunis looking very Wicked Witch of the West-y.

But, by your judgement, who do you think is the best-dressed celebrity of the week? Vote here.
Poll: Who was the best-dressed celebrity this week?
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  • Olivia Palermo at Dior
  • Rachel Weisz at 'Oz'
  • Coco Rocha at Banana Republic
  • Michelle Williams at 'Oz'
  • Mila Kunis at 'Oz'
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