We're Secretly In Love With THAT Outfit Miley Cyrus Wore the Other Day

We're Secretly In Love With THAT Outfit Miley Cyrus Wore the Other Day
(Credit: PacificCoastNews.com)

One thing Miley Cyrus is excellent at? Keeping all eyes on her. Hot on the heels of that infamous MTV VMAs performance, the risqué Wrecking Ball singer recently resurfaced in London and caught everyone's attention for a totally different reason... That rather questionable outfit she was rocking.

In case you're as confused about what you're seeing as we initially were, here's what's happening:

1) She's wearing a black sporty bralette as a top.

2) She's clad in an incredibly interesting pair of abstract high-waisted Jean Paul Gaultier pants. Obviously one leg is cut wide, the other, very slim.

3) If you look closely, you'll see that the slim leg is actually totally sheer, as well as the side-paneling of the high-waisted portion of her pants.

4) If you look extra close, you'll notice that she stepped outside completely knicker-less.

5) She accessorized with oversize sunnies, a Chanel bag, and a Chanel chain belt.

Truth time: We actually kind of like it. Miley managed to cover it all up while still showing it all off. And while her overall look might be a bit avant garde, it's still—dare we say it—tasteful, especially in comparison to what we've seen her wearing as of late.

What's your verdict Miley's subtly outrageous outfit?