Presenting the Official Pippa Part Poll - Which Pippa Middleton Hair Part Should Rule the World?

(PacificCoastNews; Getty Images) Pippa Middleton at Wimbledon this week

Pippa Middleton—sister of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, and often referred to in the British press as one of the most eligible bachelorettes in the UK—isn't one who's usually given to fashion excess or even stylistic elements of surprise. No, Pippa is a hardcore Sloanie at heart—always elegant and understated, never too flash, conservative and fairly prim, but never *yawn* boring. We like her, though, because in our heart of hearts, we know she's definitely the Prince Harry in the Middleton sisterhood (read: fun).

But one crrraaaazy thing we have noticed about Pippa is that her part—yes, her hair part—is WILDLY unpredictable. Sometimes it's dead-straight-center, sometimes it's sharply combed over from her far-left temple, and sometimes it's all tousled and barely there at all!

BEHOLD, the evidence.

Here's Pippa at Wimbledon this week looking charming in mint green—and sporting a dramatic and sexy deep side part:

(Getty Images) Pippa Middleton at Wimbledon

And here she is just a few days later at Wimbledon with a face-framing center part!

(PacificCoastNews) Pippa Middleton at Wimbledon on June 24th

And a few weeks ago, she was spotted out and about in London with her hair completely not parted at all—just all tousled and loose.

(PacificCoastNews; BauerGriffin) Pippa Middleton at a Vanity Fair lunch in May

Our question for you is which Pippa Middleton hair part should rule the world? Which hair part WINS? Take our official Pippa Part Poll right here and chime in in the comment sections below if you please.

Poll: Which Pippa Middleton hair part should rule the world?
Click to vote:
  • Straight down the center
  • The dramatic deep side
  • Tousled slash no part

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