Beyonce Debuts New (Blond!) Look, Gratuitous Product Placement, in Music Video Teaser

To drum up some excitement for her new single, "Grown Woman," Beyonce released a 12-second clip from the song's forthcoming music video.

12 seconds. You serious, Bey?

But at least those 12 seconds reveal three bits of very important information. One: Beyonce can pull off platinum blond, with roots.

Two: Beyonce has no use for pants.

And three: Beyonce loves Pepsi — SHE LOVES PEPSI SO MUCH YOU GUYS — as evidenced by her Pepsi bangle and giant shopping cart full of Pepsi in the above photos. Because when you are a "Grown Woman" (and the face of Pepsi), you can have as much soda as you want. It is literally in every cupboard you open at the Carter house, even the medicine cabinets. Blue Ivy's bottle? Full of Pepsi.

Anyway, enjoy those 12 seconds!

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