You'll Never Guess What Kelly Brook Used as a Hair Scrunchie

(Bauer Griffin) Kelly Brook

British model, celeb, and girl-about-town Kelly Brook has spent the last few days on vacation in Mexico—but that doesn't mean she's been able to escape paparazzi lenses. Because while Kelly is doing this:

(Kelly Brook Twitter)

Photographers are still hot on her trail. And from the sounds of it, they're catching her in some pretty compromising positions—at least, hair-wise.

Earlier today, Brook tweeted that she'd been photographed wearing her underpants in her hair as a scrunchie! For serious:

How she managed to wind her panties into a scrunchie ponytail-holding (or bun-securing?) contraption, we'll never know. Maybe she should do a YouTube DIY video about it—as sort of a PSA. Anyhoo, we're waiting to see if the photos surface and will let you know if we see any thongs (or briefs?) on top of her head.
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