Ryan Gosling's Ochre Suit: Let's Discuss

(Getty Images) 

Hey girl, we saw these photos of Ryan Gosling in an ochre, three piece Gucci suit at last night's Gangster Squad premiere, and we just had to show you. You see, it's a really tough shade to pull off, and colorful suits can go so wrong. 

See Exhibit A: 

(Courtesy of Paramount Pictures) 

And Exhibit B: 

(Courtesy of New Line Cinema) 

But by keeping the look tailored, and by not shying away from bold footwear (check out those perforated loafers!) he totally pulls it off, don't you think? Plus, it's Ryan Gosling, in a suit — a scenario that could only be improved by the presence of kittens. 

(Getty Images) 

There. Fixed it. 

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