Alice Cooper Wore Plaid Golf Pants, We Freaked Out

(Courtesy of Getty Images/Bauer Griffin) 

Alice Cooper is an avid golfer. Who knew? 

Everyone apparently — he even wrote a book about it! — except for us, which is why we freaked out when we saw these photos of him in a pair of the golfiest plaid golf pants ever. And a matching polo shirt! 

(Courtesy of Getty Images) 

Of course, we shouldn't be too surprised by this outfit choice. The man does love a good statement bottom. 

(Courtesy of Bauer Griffin) 

And, when it comes to his hobbies, Cooper is pretty mild mannered. Like, did you know he's a major history buff? 

Definitive proof: 

Come with us, and examine his golf ensemble from every angle, in our gallery.
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