3 Fierce Winter Cocktail Looks From the BRITs

By Tanya Leigh Washington on
Jessie J (Getty)While we swooned over the smoldering dresses at last night's People's Choice Awards in LA, London had a little red carpet gathering across the pond. And the fashion shouldn't be overlooked. The BRIT Awards nominations event delivered three dark, sexy, cool looks we think you'll appreciate for some edgy January cocktail inspiration. Take a look at our picks, then vote for your favorite in the poll below!Jessie J in an LBD with red lips and nails:Pixie Lott in a swooping...Read Full Story

Meet Your New Style Crush: Adèle Exarchopoulos

By India-Jewel Jackson on
(Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images North America, Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images North America, Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images North America, Jerod Harris/Getty Images North America)  French actress Adèle Exarchopoulos may not be on your radar just yet, but thanks to her critically acclaimed (albeit controversial) indie film Blue is the Warmest Color, soon she will be. Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of this adorable ingenue—her laissez-faire approach to fashion will certainly go over well...Read Full Story

Then After the Show, It's the After Party... 'Girls' Style

By Simona Rabinovitch on
(Source: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images North America) OK, so maybe I don't need to borrow an R. Kelly lyric to smile at how Lena Dunham found herself at the center of a very stylish hug in New York last night during the after party following the Girls Season Three Premiere event. (The show hits the small screen January 12, and I, for one, cannot wait.) The actress, writer, and director––who created the hit HBO series known for its hilarious, accurate, and no-holds-barred depiction of what it...Read Full Story

Kate Beckinsale Inspires Us to Upgrade Our Grocery Shopping Attire, ASAP

By Simona Rabinovitch on
(Source: FameFlynet Pictures) Note to self: from now on, whilst grocery shopping, I shall take a cue from the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale and do my best to look beautiful. I will take the time to at least attempt to transform my long hair from an unruly Janis Joplin-esque, just-rolled-out-of-bed mess into long, sultry, surfer girl waves like Kate's. No more shopping for rice cakes and almond butter in disgrace, I avow! What's more, I shall henceforth replace my usual grocery outfit of pyjama...Read Full Story

Meet Hollywood's Newest 'It' Bag—And Your New Work Bag

By Caitlin Miller on
(FlameFlynet Pictures; Coach) If you're like us, one of your many New Year's resolutions probably includes vowing to take time to put together a real grown-up outfit for work. (Bye-bye leggings as pants!) Instead of looking all stiff and wearing a pantsuit to the office each day, might we suggest something that takes a little bit less effort but looks a whole lot chicer? Meet Coach's Borough Bag. This sophisticated handbag is sleek, professional, and just happens to be a favorite of Hollywood...Read Full Story

FOUND: The Exact Same Jeans Worn By Heidi And Olivia

By Katie Davidson on
(Josh/Bauer Griffin; Level 99; FameFlynet Pictures)The age-old conundrum of which jeans reign supreme has been solved by none other than supermodel Heidi Klum and A-list actress Olivia Wilde. Both were seen in the exact same—fit and color—pair of jeans by Level 99 (Wilde on December 20th, and Klum back in October). Their succinct style in a vintage 'Anastasie' wash is ideal for a casual day (preferably dog-walking) and makes for a staple wardrobe piece. The 'Liza' skinny fit they prefer pairs...Read Full Story

You'll Never Guess What Accessory Nicole Richie Just Pulled Off

By Tanya Leigh Washington on
Nicole Richie (Getty)She's done cat ears and gray hair, but it's Nicole Richie's latest feat that has us fully convinced she can pull off anything.Ladies and gentlemen, the street style queen just rocked a fanny pack. In fact, she did it so stealthily we almost didn't notice. While shopping and dog walking in Hollywood, it only made sense Nicole would need a hands-free purse solution, so a sleek belted Chanel design fit the bill—without even a hint of the '80s. Impressive, no?We're a little...Read Full Story

New Year's Eve Style Muse: Jennifer Lawrence

By Simona Rabinovitch on
(Source: Steve Sands/Bauer Griffin, FameFlynet Pictures) With New Year's Eve celebrations happening tonight, we've been turning to the wardrobes of our favorite trendsetters for outfit ideas. Today's source of inspiration is Jennifer Lawrence, the beautifully avant-garde actress (and role model) whose looks embody all we love about downtown style, both on and off the red carpet. So, to better plan our own last-minute NYE attire, let's take a look back at some of the most gorgeous, party...Read Full Story

Gwen Stefani: Street Style Queen of the Holidays?

By Simona Rabinovitch on
(Source: FameFlynet Pictures) It's no secret that this humble reporter loves Gwen Stefani. Her music, her style, her vibe, her edgy-yet-elegant uniqueness and sassy playfulness––all of this (and more) inspires me daily. We rounded up our 25 Street Style Queens for your viewing pleasure, but I must say: from her retro-inspired, bleached blonde hair, milky complexion and and matte red lipstick, to her stylish stiletto nails and avant-garde ensembles, this downtown lady is my personal street...Read Full Story

You'll Never Guess How Much Kylie Jenner's Everyday Jewelry Costs...

By India-Jewel Jackson on
(Credit: KylieJenner Instagram)It must be nice to be Kylie Jenner. At just 16 years old, the youngest Kardashian sister tools around L.A. in a $125K Benz SUV, shops like it's her preferred form of cardio, hangs out with other celebuspawn like Sofia Richie and Jaden Smith, and is pretty much one of the original Rich Kids of Instagram. Oh, and she also rocks Cartier jewelry—Every. Single. Day. Check it:(Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images North America, KylieJenner Instagram)That stack of...Read Full Story