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Khal Essie
Essie shared, "People seem to get really bothered (oddly, it’s been mostly other women, though not exclusively) over the fact that I don’t hide the redness around my hair follicles. This quite literally happens all over my body, but mostly it happens on my legs and my bikini line. It doesn’t just happen bc of shaving either, I just have very sensitive skin that is prone to rashes. And for some reason, people find this highly offensive. Not only am I supposed to be hairless but should there be any sign that hair exists on my skin at all, then it’s “too much”. Because I am completely cool with it - and I’m used to it as it’s my own body - I don’t even notice it’s in photos until I get comments on it. Girls are constantly made to feel like their bodies are disgusting or wrong even 'unhygienic' (which btw is utter bollocks considering nobody calls men unhygienic for having body hair). We also love to fetishise darker women but then shame them for having dark body hair. Because our society thinks of women as a pick n mix of body parts rather than whole humans. The sad thing is that I get women who criticise me for it. But often I find that kind of criticism comes from a place of insecurity, seeing as throughout our whole lives we’ve been told our bodies are wrong in some way. So on a grand scale, if you see someone’s body online and you find yourself made uncomfortable by it, challenge yourself. Ask yourself why you feel the need to police someone’s body. Question why you believe their body shouldn’t exist publicly, because the only way we change is through self reflection and challenging our ideas of what is 'right' and what is 'wrong.'"