Ciara: Music and Fashion Need Each Other

By Alicia Dennis on
(Getty) Ciara (Getty) For many pop stars, changes in sound are often by accompanied by changes in wardrobe. Madonna is not the only singer to experience sartorial reinvention with each new single: Almost all of the women dominating today's charts have very well-defined senses of style, perhaps, as StyleBistro's guest editor Ciara notes, because fashion and music are inextricably linked.Ciara told us, "I feel like fashion and music go hand in hand. I feel like both things really need each...Read Full Story

Ciara Wants to Raid Jennifer Lopez's Closet

By Sasha on
(Getty Images) We all have those people. The ones whose style we admire and whose closets we would die to raid. But if you think celebrities, with their enormous array of possessions, would be immune to such feelings, you'd be wrong. When we chatted with StyleBistro guest editor Ciara, she confessed she has a bit of a style crush on Jennifer Lopez and would love to play in her closet. She says: I think that she's a fashion genius. She can go in any direction and find a way to make it her...Read Full Story

Exclusive Interview: Ciara, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor

By Chloe Harris Frankeny on
Having sold more than seven million albums worldwide and with countless Top 10 hits under her designer belt, Ciara needs no introduction to R&B fans. And thanks to a few high-fashion friends (think Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy), the Atlantia, Georgia resident is also making a name for herself with the high-style set.As StyleBistro's latest celebrity guest editor, Ciara sat down with Associate Editor Mercedes Hawkins to talk about the intersection of fashion and music. Mercedes says, "I felt...Read Full Story

Steal Ciara's Budget-Friendly Beauty Look

By Mercedes on
(Getty Images) While most women in the music game are constantly trying to outdo themselves with outlandish red carpet looks, Ciara lives by a less-is-more ethos. She says, "Sometimes you want to try so many different things and, when you do, it can be overwhelming. It's always when you don't try so hard that everything just falls into place."So what does it take to achieve CiCi's less-is-more look?To maintain her flawless complexion, Ciara starts with SkinCeuticals facewash, then dabs...Read Full Story

Retail Therapy: Ciara's Favorite Shops

By Sasha on
(Getty Images) With stylists at their beck and call, you'd think celebrities would just sit at home and wait for the world's greatest fashions to come to them. But there's something soothing about shopping, and even the most famous gals like to head out to engage in some much-needed retail therapy. When we sat down to chat with Ciara, she let us in on some of her favorite shopping haunts. Contemporary boutique Intermix is at the top of the list, along with Barneys and its younger...Read Full Story

Ciara Springs Forward in Bohemian Style

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(Getty Images) When the sun starts to shine, the world gets a lot more earthy. The darkness and toughness of fall and winter is replaced by the easy, breezy taste of spring and summer. When we sat down and chatted with Ciara, she confessed that she too is stripping away her tougher threads in favor of a softer look this season. But don't worry, she has no plans of giving it all up—her brand of bohemian still has an edge to it. She's craving high-waisted bikini bottoms and high v-cut one...Read Full Story

Ciara Gets a Little Help From Her High-Fashion Friends

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Ciara with Emilio Pucci creative director Peter Dundas (Getty Images) Ciara is a red carpet maven who always turns up impeccably dressed in delectable designer dresses. But if you've ever wondered why she wears so much Pucci and Givenchy, look no further than the two men she calls her friends: Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy and Peter Dundas of Emilio Pucci. Ciara loves to support her friends and, over the years, has formed strong friendships with both designers. She met Tisci during Fashion...Read Full Story