Missteps: Coco Rocha's Fashion and Beauty Regrets

Missteps: Coco Rocha's Fashion and Beauty Regrets
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Missteps: Coco Rocha's Fashion and Beauty Regrets Coco Rocha (Getty)
Coco Rocha may be a supermodel, but that doesn't mean she's been spared from having the occasional fashion misstep. In fact, the glam denizen confesses that when she was first starting out in the industry, she made some serious style boo boos. One memory in particular sticks out to the (now) ultra style savvy star. Coco says,

When I first started modeling, I bought the coolest pair of pants. They were like strips of different sort of jeans, bell bottoms, it was like corduroy and black jeans and blue jeans, but they were all strips. I came into the agency, and I think I even came into my first casting for Prada, and I thought I had the best outfit on and my agent at the time, Roman, was like, 'Turn around, buy some pants, come back and be better prepared, and I better never see those jeans on you again.' So those were thrown out immediately.Unfortunately for Coco, this wasn't the last of her fashion mistakes. Recanting yet another hair-raising tale, she dished, "And one time I had what was so cool in Canada, highlights in my hair, but really blond, straight thick highlights in my long dark hair and I remember my agent, same one, told me that was "very Canadian of me." So, has Coco managed to put her embarrassing fashion forays in the past? Well, not entirely. A candid Coco added,

And only a little while ago I had an outfit that I've never been really proud of... It's me in red hair, my bold reddish hair and this purple top. It's a beautiful outfit, but when you do red carpet, now I've learned after that outfit, you must always practice at home with a flash camera to see your white bra under your purple top! I love a real pasty face with a dark eye and everything, but I forgot the dark eye that day and I definitely made my lips super pasty white, so I looked like a dead zombie in a purple see-through white bra top. So always make sure you practice with a flash camera at home before the red carpet!

Sage advice from a one of the fashion industry's brightest stars!
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