Sheer Romance: Elie Saab Couture Fall 2011

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Elie Saab Couture Fall 2011
Those who say romance is dead have not seen an Elie Saab Couture runway show. Not only a favorite among Hollywood A-listers, the Lebanese designer (literally) designs for royalty and panders to the princess fantasies of every woman's inner little girl.

For his Fall 2011 collection, Saab's ombré palette begins with ice blue and gradiates to ivory, peach, dusty mauve, midnight blue and back to ice with a single triumphant wedding gown (an ES finale staple).

Above all, Elie Saab prioritizes the flattery of a woman's body—intimately understanding the power of a cinched waist, as every dress emphasizes the hourglass figure. From long sleeves and deep plunges to boat necks and single-shoulders, Saab experiments with a variety of modern silhouettes while staying true to his ladylike aesthetic.

Elie has perfected the delicate relation of fabric, light, and air, countering weightless tulle with sparkling bead clusters—revealing provocative glimpses of skin through floor-sweeping bejeweled chiffon. His models are swathed in lace scallops and flower beds of rosettes for captivating visual texture. Even his above-the-knee dresses sparkle with timeless ethereality.

Saab is often criticized for his predictability, but we are forever eager to see the master of pretty dresses do what he does best: create a fairy tale runway for us all to walk down.

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