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Is there a better place to find Halloween costume inspo than from fan favorite, cult classic films and TV shows? If you ask us, absolutely not. There are so many ways to put your own personal sartorial twists on that of a character, while still staying true enough to their aesthetic to make the look totally recognizable.

Opting for a glammed-up Wednesday Addams? How about a sexy Beetlejuice? Done and done — all you need is a YouTube makeup tutorial or two, and the right thrift store threads to put together your outfit. Do Halloween right this year with an edgier costume, inspired by some of the most iconic cult classic show and film characters ever. (Pictured: The creepy, nightmarish twins from The Shining, anyone?)

Keep reading to be reminded of — and inspired by — some of the best cult classic shows and films, ever. Halloween costume contest, followed by a binge-watch marathon? We can think of nothing better.