Current Obsession: The Wet Brush Earth Collection

Current Obsession: The Wet Brush Earth Collection(Source: Thinkstock, The Wet Brush)Up until two years ago, I'd come to accept that tugging away at my knotty ends with a wide-tooth comb post-shower was a painful but unavoidable fact of life. Then one of my closest friends gave me The Wet Brush ($14) as part of my birthday gift, and just one effortless stroke set off a hair epiphany: it doesn't have to be this way.
Although it looks like a regular paddle brush, The Wet Brush features thin yet resilient flexible bristles that melt through both wet and dry hair like a hot knife slicing butter. There's practically no tangle or tress texture this baby can't handle with ease, so it's no wonder that you'll find it used at virtually every blowout bar on the planet. As a bonus, the tool's rounded-ball tips massage your scalp to stimulate circulation (and thus hair health) in the most relaxing way.

But it gets better: The Wet Brush recently released its Earth Collection iteration ($30), constructed of natural bamboo. While this eco-friendly version costs double the price of the original, there's a good reason: each sale benefits non-profit organization Charity: Water and its efforts to build a clean-water system for a school in Cambodia.
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