Current Obsession: bareMinerals bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation

(Source: bareMinerals)Foundation is probably the one thing in my makeup routine that I dread the most. Partly because it takes so much time and effort, partly because I'm so bad at it. Each time a new foundation rolls across my desk, I get excited because yay makeup, but nervous because I'm reminded of my lack of makeup skills. So when bareMinerals new bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation ($29) hit my desk, I was was a grab bag full of emotions. Thankfully, my foundation woes were quelled with this serum-foundation combo.

Not only is bareSkin a full-coverage foundation, but it's a brightening serum too. This means that putting the foundation on doesn't make me lose my skin's natural glow, which is quite often my biggest complaint about foundation. I want smooth, all-one-tone skin, but I don't want it to look caked on and lifeless. This new formula doesn't hide your signs of life at all, rather it blends your skin's shades to tone correct and give a natural finish. Made with only a few ingredients (as expected from bareMinerals), bareSkin is formulated without any oils, silicone, parabens, or fragrances—perfect for any true makeup minimalist. And because bareMinerals understands we're not all one of four makeup shades, they offer 20 different shades ranging from Bare Porcelain (shout out to all my pale ladies!) to Bare Mocha.

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Before applying, give the bottle a few shakes to mix the ingredients, then drop onto your favorite foundation brush. I'm using the Perfecting Face Brush ($28) from bareMinerals. This brush was specifically designed for bareSkin, as it features a cool reservoir in the middle of the brush. Dot a bit of the foundation on the brush and buff in a circular motion. This smoothly and evenly distributes the product. I like to shake the bottle between each application for optimal coverage. After applying, I find my skin looking even and smooth. Never streaky or cakey. It really is so simple, even I can't mess it up.
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