Current Obsession: Kai Lotion & Body Glow

Current Obsession: Kai Lotion & Body Glow(Source: Kai. Body Lotion, $37; Body Glow, $34.) We once worked for a woman who smelled, in a word, divine. Some days her fragrance was citrusy and crisp, other days it was floral and exotic. But no matter the hour, she seemed to maintain a perfectly subtle cloud of scent that never faded. How does she do it? we wondered, while sniffing at the orange blossom notes left in her wake. Our perfume always faded by lunchtime. And as far as we knew, no one was creepily sniffing around whenever we passed by. 

“Oh, it’s so simple,” she said when we finally asked her. “You layer: Lotion, body spray, and then the scent on top.”

Also: it has to be just the right fragrance––nothing too cloying, too heavy. In other words, a triple-dose of Chanel No. 5 isn’t going to win you any friends. But the bright, fresh, gardenia-centric kai (a scent we, along with half of Hollywood, already loved) well, it was practically made for layering.

Current Obsession: Kai Lotion & Body Glow
(Source: Kai. Body Butter, $52)Out of the shower, we start with a healthy slather of kai’s scented body lotion ($37), a moisturizing blend that, like all of the line’s products, is paraben, sulfate, pthalate and phosphate-free. (We save the decadent, antioxidant-packed body butter ($64) for special occasions). Then we spritz our arms and legs (and whatever body parts will be exposed –this is a warm-weather scent, after all) with kai’s body glow ($34), a dry oil mist full of jojoba, aloe, chamomile and cucumber extracts that gives a subtle glow to the skin. In the dead of August when lotion is prone to melting off our bods, we love to wear the body glow alone. 

The final step is a dab of kai’s roll-on perfume oil ($48), but honestly, we sometimes skip this step entirely and let the body products speak for themselves. The crisp, springtime-perfect scent lasts all day long. And while we haven't yet caught anyone nosing around in our wake, we find ourselves pretty intoxicating.