Current Obsession: Youngblood's Mineral Illuminating Body Tint

Current Obsession: Youngblood's Mineral Illuminating Body Tint(Source: Thinkstock, Youngblood; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)Confession time: the first weekend of summer I got a sunburn. A really bad sunburn. I know what you're thinking. Yes, I did use sunscreen, and yes, I did fall asleep and forget to reapply. As much as I wanted to kick myself for failing skincare 101, my poor little lobster limbs were in too much pain to do so. After a healthy dose of aloe and after-sun lotion, I was left with a fairly wicked tan line that resembled something more like self tanner gone wrong. 

Now I accept this unsightly tan line as my punishment for neglecting sunscreen, but that doesn't mean I'm not doing everything I can to make it disappear. Lately, I've been reaching for Youngblood's Mineral Illuminating Body Tint ($38) to help blur my far-too-obvious tan line.

The non-streaking lotion has a touch of foundation-like color to help smooth and soften the different tones—imagine airbrush in the form of lotion. It's slight tint of color goes on sheer for a buildable look. Plus, it doesn't transfer onto clothes, so I can slap it on and head out the door. No waiting around forever while it dries (one of my pet peeves).

Current Obsession: Youngblood's Mineral Illuminating Body Tint(Source: Youngblood)

But what makes this body tint stand out from just putting on regular ole foundation or self tanner is the fact that it has actual beneficial properties as well as good coverage. It contains antioxidant-rich shea butter; sunflower, coconut, jojoba, avocado and argan oils to hydrate; and finally, vitamins A and E to repair rough skin. 

So whether you're like me and suffering from tan lines, scars or cuts (or an awesome combination of all of the above), the Illuminating Body Tint might just be the answer to your accident-prone, uneven skintone prayers.

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