Current Obsession: Love & Toast Body-Care Products

Current Obsession: Love & Toast Body-Care Products
(Source: Love & Toast; Body Wash, $9.99; Body Butter, $6.99; Body Lotion, $9.99)
Take one look at my hallway closet—the shelves of which are buckling under the weight of all my lotions and potions—and you’d be justified in calling me a hoarder. But I’m not stockpiling body products so much as using each of them very, very slowly. After all, when you drop $75 on a Jo Malone body cream, you are not piling it on every morning. You are parceling it out, mixing it with your dirt-cheap St. Ives, and making it last as long as possible.

How nice it is, then, to stumble upon Love & Toast, a lovely range of scented body-care products ($2.99–$10.99) that are wallet-friendly enough to use with reckless abandon. And while the line of fruity-and-floral blends might boast drugstore prices, it is far from the usual drugstore fare. The shea butter–laced formulas are super softening and gloriously free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, and synthetic colors. Kudos too for the adorable packaging.
Current Obsession: Love & Toast Body-Care Products(Source: Love & Toast; Sugar Scrub, $10.99; Hand Creme, $9.00; Lip Butter, $2.99)So without any reservations, I've been gobbling up all of it: the creamy body wash ($9.99); the light, silky lotion ($9.99); the lush body butter ($6.99). Each is going so fast, there's no way they will ever end up in my graveyard of too-precious-to-use potions.