Current Obsession: iX Sandals

Current Obsession: iX Sandals
(Source: iX Sandals) 
If you haven’t already noticed, socially conscious labels are getting major attention lately—and with good reason. As consumers, it’s our responsibility to know the story behind our products and how they’re impacting the global community—whether it’s in a good or bad way. Enter iX Sandals (pronounced “eye ex,” the mayan word for water), a line of gorgeous handcrafted leather huaraches ($89) with a mission to bring clean water to poverty-stricken communities.

Current Obsession: iX Sandals (Source: Instagram/iXSandals) 

We first spotted the hue-happy line on Vogue’s Instagram and were immediately smitten. The effortless design, affordable price and fuzzy feeling of giving back are everything we could dream of in a summer sandal. Our absolute must-have is the chic
chambray version ($89), which we’re dreaming about pairing with a killer bikini and heading straight for the beach. Oh, and did we mention they’re Jamie Chung-approved?

Brand Spotlight: iX Sandals (Source: iX Sandals) iX is the brainchild of brother and sister duo John and Francesca Kennedy, who are natives of Panajachel, Guatemala. After moving to NYC for several years, Francesca returned to visit her home country, only to find that the once majestic Lake Atitlán had become contaminated with trash and toxic green algae.

Realizing how poor the living conditions had become and witnessing children drinking the polluted water, she became motivated to make a difference. Inspired by Blake Mycoskie’s idea for TOMS shoes, iX took a similar approach, with a portion of its profits going directly to two organizations that help provide clean drinking water to families. By joining forces with Asociación Puente and Charity: Water, iX has been able to help communities all over the world by not only providing clean water, but also by empowering women and children through education.

Let’s face it: Giving back is always in style, so why not support a noble cause while also filling your closet with a pair (or five) of the chicest boho-tinged sandals around? Shop the full collection, here.