Current Obsession: NYDG Physician's UV Defense SPF 30

Current Obsession: NYDG Physician's UV Defense SPF 30(Source: New York Dermatology Group, ThinkStock; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)I am one of those people who actually wears sunscreen every single day. It's not that I'm particularly pale or prone to burning, it's just that now that I'm an adult, I feel like I should start doing adult things like making my bed every morning, preparing lunches for the whole week on Sunday night, putting on sunscreen, etc. Wearing sunscreen was by far the easiest and had the best benefits. And ever since I've found New York Dermatology Group Physician's UV Defense SPF 30 ($28), applying sunblock has become less of an adult chore and more of a daily step in my routine.Current Obsession: NYDG Physician's UV Defense SPF 30(Source: NYDG)The lightweight, oil- and fragrance-free formula feels more like a moisturizer with SPF rather than an SPF with moisture. It's luxurious, soft and doesn't leave any streaks or residue, making it ideal to slather on pre-makeup application. Although it's light and luxe, it's still strong and protects skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. With the aloe vera and green tea extract infused in the lotion, my skin always feels refreshed and pampered each morning when I rub it in. 

Not only is applying this sunscreen the easiest part of my a.m. routine but it's probably the easiest and most pleasant part about being an adult, too.
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