Current Obsession: Cynthia Rowley x Birchbox Eyeshadow Palette No. 2

(Source: Birchbox)I'm not always one for mixing up my daytime makeup look. Other than a pretty decent cat eye and some blush, I can't say I go too crazy with my look. But lately I've challenged myself to break old habits and experiment. First challenge: amp up my lids. Lately I've been trying to play around with color and blending. (Maybe someday I'll master a smoky eye that doesn't look like a raccoon.) The palette I've been reaching for to help me accomplish my goal is a collab from two of my favorites. The Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeshadow Palette - No. 2 ($24) is a fun, confetti palette that contains five candy-inspired shades.

(Source: Birchbox)
Colors include: Cotton Candy, a soft lavender; Licorice, a shimmery charcoal; Cloud, a velvety taupe; Marshmallow, a versatile cream; and Confetti, a pale pink speckled with purple and cream. These hues are perfect for blending and mixing to get a bright spring look. Although Confetti is by far the cutest of the five shades, I find I'm using Marshmallow and Licorice for my day-to-day wear. Although these might not be the craziest colors to help me accomplish my goal of spicing up my look, the combo of creamy white and shimmering charcoal give me just the oomph I need to get started. Hey, baby step, baby steps.

Although it doesn't ship until May 8, pre-sale for this palette is going on right now. So be one of the first to get your hands on this party-of-a-palette.
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