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A close friend of mine told me this year she was planning to DIY all of her Christmas gifts. I love this idea — it doesn't just save money, it makes every present a thoughtful one. You aren't just giving someone a material object, you're giving them your time. And what could be more generous than that?

Really, anything that lets your creativity flourish is a gift to yourself. Just picture being cozy at home on a blustery winter day while making gifts for your favorite people. Toss in a hot drink and that's a surefire way to get into the holiday spirit, wouldn't you say?

Even if you're new to the wonderful world of crafting, these creations are both beautiful and easy to replicate. In other words, your loved ones will actually adore these items and you'll truly — genuinely! — enjoy making them. Read on to decide what kind of hands-on project you're about to delight your friends and family with.