Nail Obsession of the Day: Sally Hansen's Gem Crush, Magnetic, and Salon Manicure Polishes

Remember back in the day when nail polish trends could be easily summed up in one or two phrases every season—like, "This season, it's all about candy red" or "Reverse French is all over the runway" or "Black is the new neutral."

Well, those days are long gone—now, it seems every month sees a brand new product launch and a super-hot must-have new nail color.

Check out the latest releases from the folks at Sally Hansen. There's the ultra-sparkly (with great coverage!) Gem Crush collection in (clockwise from top left): Lady Luck, a bold magenta sparkler; Cha-Ching!, a crimson glitter; Be-Jeweled, a lavender luster; Glitz Gal, a brilliant pewter; Big Money, a subdued muted gold; Razzle Dazzler, a carnation pink; and Bling-tastic, a teal blue. Each of these will cost you about $6 at your local drugstore.

Then there's the ultra-trendy Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color collection—we've seen polishes like these at high-end boutique beauty retailers priced at nearly $20 a bottle, but these are solidly under-$10 a pop. From left to right, the earth- and mineral-tone colors are Silver Elements, a deep gleaming gray; Ionic Indigo, a rich navy; Electric Emerald, a mossy green; Polar Purple, a muted lavender-silver swirl; and Kinetic Copper, a rusty brown.

For you ladies who prefer a more traditional nail color—and a lighter, brighter palette—check out the new colors from Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure collection, which are priced at about $6 a bottle. Clockwise from top left, the sherbet colors include: Buttercup, a pale daffodil yellow; Naked Ambition, a lightly shimmering pinky beige; Back to the Fuchsia (love that name!), a hot deep pink; Parrot, a lime-ade green; Shrimply Devine, a Palm Beach-y pink; and Polar Bare, a creamy off-white.

Which Sally Hansen nail collection do you most identify with? Are you a glittery disco queen, an earthy 3D nail art princess, or a sherbet lover? Tell us in the comments!
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